Piano lessons

Private lessons in classical, popular and blues piano.


I have a 2 year higher education (Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hamburg) in classical piano pedagogy. Afterwards education at the academy for popular music (Hamburg School of Music), further exams with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

I am a performing and recording artist (Skuah) and a singer who has been singing in various bands, from rock, experimental til jazz.

Teaching experience

I have been teaching the piano privately and in music schools for 15 years. I have been teaching mainly beginners, but also advanced pupils, read references here.

I have been employed by Bergen Kulturskole for the past 7 years.

Method/ Philosophy

Because I have been influenced by classical and popular music, pupils have the choice in which direction they want to develop. There is no basic concept to which the pupil must adapt, instead of this the pupil is the center of the teaching and the goal is to keep inspiration and motivation alive. Pupils are allowed to bring their favourite cds and songs which can be listened out and arranged by me according to their level.

A relaxed body posture and a solid basis of piano technique is taught to guarantee a healthy style of playing. I have had many years of Alexander technique lessons and therefore include it in my approach of teaching.


In my lessons, pupils treat their whole body as an instrument, to experience rhythm through it: a pulse (mostly quarter notes) is walked and different rhythms are clapped at the same time. Sometimes the voice is included, too. This method helps the pupils to develop a natural intuitive feeling for rhythm.

Which age should pupils have ?

I have been teaching pupils from 5 up to 70 years.

Young beginners get to know the instrument in a playful way. Improvisation is included from an early stage on, feelings, pictures, stories and animals are put into sound, experiments with prepared piano are made to explore its many sound possibilities.


Pupils should have a piano at home or a keyboard which provides 7 octaves and weighed keys.


Bartok, Bach, Satie, Debussy, Yann Tierssen, Mike Oldfield, Alicia Keys, The Beatles, Coldplay, Film music, and many many more.


Erdal, Askøy and in Bergen center, Kong Oscars gate.

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